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Monday, 24 March 2008

Peacock Download Information

Congratulations, you have found your way to the right place to get all the information you need to download this exclusive Artylicious paper.

This paper is being given away free as part of a campaign to raise awareness of a rare brain disorder called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy which my mother in law suffers from.

Have you ever heard of PSP? Out of 118 people who left a comment on my blog, only four had heard of it before and one person who recognised all the symptoms, but whose mother was diagnosed with Parkinsons. If you want to find out more, please visit the PSP website.

You can click on the image to take you to the web page where you can download both portrait and landscape versions of the paper. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8 in order to print the paper (version 7 will open it, but can cause gaps to appear on the page when you try to print).

If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download it free of charge from the Adobe website. If you are asked to pay for it, you are on the wrong site - go to

After downloading the file, double click it to open and you will be asked for a password.

The password is hidden in red letters in this blog post. It's fairly obvious!

Feel free to tell your friends about the download, but don't give them the password - tell them to visit for themselves.

Thank you

Glenda Waterworth


Anna Jones said...

Very clever. Thank you for the download. I posted a link on my blog. I will update it to go get the free paper.

Dot Crackles said...

Thank u Glenda
The download is great and just what I needed to make a box for my sisters piano book, photos of which will be winging their way to u 2morrow.

I am so pleased that u got your 100 comments and that at least 100 people now know of PSP who didn't before. Most of the girls at my craft group work more with textiles but there are a few who do paper crafting so I shall give them the link to your blog.

I hope your parents in law continue to do well and that the care package when it is up and running will provide a safety net.
Luv u lots Dot

Chris said...

I'm glad that you made your 100 plus Glenda.

Making people aware of these little known diseases is a worthy cause.

My daughter was diagnosed as having a debilitating disease called Crohns after collapsing and being admitted to emergency. Within 24 hours she had the whole of her large intestine removed and 9 months later had her bowel removed as well. She now wears a bag and will for the rest of her life. Although Crohns is known about by more people than PSP. Those I've talked to about it didn't know how it can affect all parts of the body, which in my daughters case it has done. It's a 'nasty decease for which there is no cure. By making people more knowledgeable about diseases such as PSP and Crohns we may sometime, hopefully, come up with a cure.'s_disease

Good luck with your awareness campaign for PSP, and my best wishes to all the other people who have posted comments and have mentioned about other little known deceases that either they, or some member of their family, suffer from.

Chris GG 138
(Tikita on JS Forum)

Arty Party NI said...

Thank you Glenda

I think your password protected download is a very clever way to entice people to read the reason behind the free download. I have emailed the link to all my friends even those who don't craft so I have spread the word to everyone I know online. I hope your father in law improves, I know what its like to have someone you care and love suffer from a stroke, I just pray that things start to improve for your family.

God bless

starcyl said...

Thanks for the download Glenda, a very clever way of doing it. I will add your link to my blog and will also tell others about it and the condition.

Jenny x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely download Glenda. I've already printed the portrait one (and saved it) but had no luck downloading the landscape.

I'm going to have another go tomorrow.

Lesley GG197 XX

Deby said...

Hi Glenda,
Firstly I hope Adrians Dad is ok.

Secondly after your PSP awareness , the elderly couple who I've been helping over the last couple of weeks - Bert who has servere Parkinsons - well I've passed a print out of the PSP symptoms on to his consultant and he's going to have a look in to it as there were a couple of things that I had noticed about Bert that weren't normally associated fully with Parkinsons - such as the difficulty in swallowing which he's suffered for over a few years now. The unfortunate thing is there is no clear diagnosis for PSP and as Bert is 89 and quite frail these days, then he may go as another misdiagnosed case.

Many thanks for the download - now I just need some spare time to craft.

Oh on another great note : in the course of my business I went off on Easter Sunday to do a delivery with my husband - all the way down in Kent, the woman who we delivered to was such a lovely girl, only in her early twenties but was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, as hard as things were for her she helps out as much as possible with her local cats protection league and had 5 cats at home - 2 were there untill rehomed but 3 due to accidents / neglect were with her permanantly as there were blind and no-one wanted them. They were such beautiful friendly cats, the black tom was so loving and he knew every inch of her home. I told the girl how I amired her as even though she has a debilitating illness she still gives as much of her time to help the CPL and the cats that need help.


Lavender Rose said...

Thanks for the download Glenda, so pleased you got all the comments which also means of course more people are aware of the illness. Speaking of illness, I am so sorry to hear that Adrian's father has suffered a stroke and hope he is improving, though I know progress can be slow where strokes are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Glenda I would just like to say thank you for the download it is beautiful.

Hope Adrian's Dad is feeling better and on the mend. Hope it doent take too long for the long term care package to be put in place. working in the care field I know how long it can take for things to be put in place then an emergancy comes up and all the stops get pulled out and it make you think why couldn't they do that in the first place

Best wishes to you all.


HMG101190 said...

Thank you for the beautiful download, I'm going to print it after writing this post and go and play!

I'd also like to say a really big thank you to Glenda and Deby for your kind words after reading my last post about my Son, I was really touched.

Well done on getting the 100 comments, which we've all benefited from, thanks again! But myself, like some of the other crafters who posted, think that adding 50p or so to the next CD in aid of PSP research is a fantastic idea. I'm sure everyone purchesing the CD would love to help the cause, food for thought?

I wish you well and would just like to say that no matter how hard times can get there is always a reason to's contagious too!!

Hayley x

Lynn W said...

Thank you so much for the lovely paper Glenda - it will go so well with your new stamps.

I hope that Derrick will be on the mend soon. Keep your chin up.

Lynn W (GG003)

HMG101190 said...

....hate making spelling mistakes!! Just noticed I made one...purchesing..tut,tut!! I'm sure no-one's interested but me, so just to stop me from twitching should've been 'purchasing'...feel much better now! Mad!!!

Toni said...

Thank you for your wonderful paper and I hope more are made aware of psp
I will post it on my blog and with luck more will be enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Glenda, both for the download and making people aware of this awful disease. My best friend is suffering from PSP and it is the most awful thing. I guess you, like me, just cry sometimes at night remembering the person that used to be.I hope you sell loads of this cd set.
God bless

Amanda said...

I have just watched the potw show on idea world, which brought me surfing here and I am in LOVE!!!

The lady peacock stamps are to die for, the only problem is, do I go for the CD, I am not normally a cd person but....this one is a ? Do I need it? lol

twizzle150 said...

Thank you so much Glenda for the beautiful download, i will make my daughter Zoe a card using it. I have only been crafting a short time, as i had to give up work due to ill health, as i was born with Dextrocardia, (heart on the right side)also just one lung working. A friend introduced me to crafting & i do enjoy it so much. Your cd's give me so much inspiration.
I have just seen your show with the Peacock Summer cd, it is amazing, i will be ordering one for certain.
I do hope your Father-in-law improves soon. I wish you luck with the awareness campaign, it must be a very worrying time for you.Lynn

mog_well said...

Hi Glenda,
I have watched ideal world whenever you are on, you are a very talented lady, I have downloaded your free papers and I want to thank you so very much.
Illness is something so many dont understand till something bad happens, I know first hand, its hard to have and hard to help, I wish you and your family all the best. Good luck for the future, jane x.

suekerr7 said...

Hi Glenda
I am so sorry to hear that a member of your family has this dreadful disease. Sadly I lost my mum in 2005 to psp it is a truly cruel disease and so heartbreaking to have it affect your family. Glenda if I can help or advise you in anyway please get in touch, I know exactly what you are going through. Before I go I just want to say how much I admire your work, I always feel inspired to get creative after watching your demos, you are a very talented lady love and best wishes