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Friday, 28 March 2008

Quick update

I thought I'd better just let you know I'm still here, but it's been a difficult time as Adrian's dad is still quite poorly.

We'll get ourselves sorted into a new routine soon, but we're still getting the care for Alma sorted out which is what's taking up most of Adrian's time at the moment.

There have been some very exciting things happen at work this week. The Guild newsletter is on it's way to those of you who are in the Graphicus Guild. But even more exciting .... we have a new delivery of Glimmer Mists, including their yummy, scrummy, delicious Glimmer Chips (embossed and printed chipboard ready to spray with Glimmer Mist) and Glimmer Screens (just stunning stencils for spraying through).

Hopefully I'll get some "me" time this weekend to have a play and show you what I'm talking about! They should be on the website in the next week, then there are a whole load of new Glimmer Mist colours!

Big thanks to everyone who has sent me their well wishes - sorry I haven't been very communicative this week!



Anonymous said...

Oh Glenda, stop! stop! stop! There are so many things I want to buy and you're adding more?

I can see I'll need my flexible friend when I come up to the Glimmer Mist workshop and I bet there are more temptations in the Guild Newsletter.

I'm sorry Adrian's Dad is not feeling better yet. Hope things start to improve on all fronts very soon.

Lesley GG197

Lynnda said...

Isn't great when the new things arrive, so exciting. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Sorry to hear your woes. I am sure everything will settle down soon.
Give Adrian a big huge.

Elaine said...

Sorry to hear your news. Have an hour with the Glimmer Mists and I'm sure you'll feel better. Cheated and had a look on the Tattered Angel's website - the screens and chips look stunning. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Deby said...

Thinking of you and Adrians family at what must be a difficult time x

Oh No - more Glimmer Mists - don't tell my husband !!!

Take care of yourselves xxx


Dot Crackles said...

Hi Glenda
love the sound of both the chips and the screens.

Hope everything gets sorted soon, you'll all feel better when you get into a comfortable routine.

Luv u lots Dot

Nozzer said...

Hi Glenda,
I've been away since Easter so have just caught up with all your blogs now. What a rotten time you're having. We never accept the status quo until it's not there. I do hope Adrian's Dad gets better - good luck to you all.

Lavender Rose said...

Sorry to hear things are still uncertain, hope Adrian's dad improves soon Glenda. The latest Guild newsletter is great and I like the sound o those Glimmer screens.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Glenda and Adrian for the paper download -it's gorgeous!

I'm so sorry to here that the family has been stretched to its limits with new and exsisting illness. It must be such a difficult time for you both.

I hope it all works out well and hope you find some precious time to relax. I'm sure a bit of good old crafting would do you the world of good. All the very best to you all.

PS. I'll always remember were I first found out about PSP.

Sharon x.